Angular 6 with JWT and Refresh Tokens and a little Rxjs 6

First Adjustments So before we get to the Angular code, I did update my Api code just a bit to both enhance our Values calls a little and also had to add to add some Cors configuration in order for the Angular UI to call into my Api and last, to update the Refresh Token call to send back a…

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Refresh Tokens in Asp.Net Core 2 Api

So you are now Authenticating your user and providing Authorization via the Jwt (Auth) token.  Now you don’t want your Auth tokens to live for really long periods of time, and you certainly don’t want your users having to re-login to your app every 30 minutes.  But for safety, how do we get around this? Refresh Tokens A refresh token…

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Authenticate and Authorize With Jwt Tokens In Asp.Net Core 2 Web Api

Finally! Let’s see how we “login” our user and make requests with Jwt tokens and have other endpoints protected from access without a valid token. Start With The Configuration File To set things up, lets add a few entries into our appsettings.json file.  Let’s add some Token settings to the file.

For our Tokens config, we want to set…

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